The Local Enterprise Authority has over the years signed project based Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with various Organizations, to strategically partner in enhancing delivery of services to various target markets.

LEA and LUCARA: Centers around entrepreneurship and enterprise development; specifically provision of capacity building initiatives to support LEA assisted enterprises and LUCARA SME projects. The collaboration focused on offering of appropriate entrepreneurship and business management skills, business advisory, on-site enterprise coaching, as well as mentorship to assist entrepreneurs to start, grow and expand their businesses. Identification of business opportunities for uptake by SMMEs and communities, that have the potential to create employment and contribute towards economic growth and diversification. The two institutions will collectively facilitate resources required to accelerate SMME growth and implement impactful interventions that support business development and support services needed by the SMME sector.

LEA and Absa Bank: The institutions will complement each other’s mandate and collectively focus on entrepreneurial skills development, capacity building interventions and resources needed to advance SMMEs. The  focus include provision of business management skills, coaching and mentorship programmes to benefit both Absa Bank and LEA clients as well as joint research to identify business opportunities that could benefit the SMME sector.

LEA and BUAN: Collaborate in the field of education and entrepreneurship development. The collaboration will also offer skills development in the agriculture and natural resources sector, capacity building and provision of targeted interventions to develop the SMME sector as well as provision of facilities to benefit both LEA and BUAN business objectives.

LEA and Botho University: collaborate in the area of entrepreneurship and SMME development; and complement each other to support Botho University students and the LEA registered enterprises to start and grow innovative, competitive and sustainable businesses. The parties collectively offer capacity building programmes necessary to support potential and existing SMMEs.

LEA and MYSC: LEA offers Business Development Services and mentorship to Youth Development Fund beneficiaries and facilitate access to expansion capital for viable and performing youth enterprises.

LEA and BIUST: To facilitate commercialization of innovation and technology developed by BIUST students; as well as access to technology and related services at BIUST by LEA clients, including facilities such as laboratories.

LEA and International Trade Centre: Undertaking of the Botswana Small and Medium Enterprises Competitiveness Survey.