Can LEA fund my business?

No, LEA does not provide funding. The Authority assists an SMME to develop a business plan, that will be submitted to financing institutions to seek funds.

How are you publicizing your services?

LEA uses various mediums to market its mandate, products/services to all stakeholders. these include print, radio, TV… the Authority also uses structures such kgotla, full councils and others to inform Batswana…….events such as roadshows, mobile sops, market days are also instrumental in showcasing LEA services. 

How does LEA facilitate technology adoption and diffusion?

LEA will facilitate technology adoption by first identifying technologies with high potential and assisting with their transfer and acquisition by client companies. LEA will facilitate technology diffusion by encouraging sector-specific and cluster-specific technology adoption, collaborative technology partnerships and generally promoting wider adoption and applicability of technologies. LEA has Technology Advisors in all the Branches to assist in this regard, and Technology Specialists at Headquarters for back-up, support and higher level technology interventions.

In terms of technology, how does LEA relate to research organizations such as, BITRI, NFTRC and UB?

LEA partners  with most stakeholders, including the above institutions.  it is these strategic collaborations that enhance service delivery to the SMMEs that we serve. 

Where are the LEA Incubators located, and can you describe them?

LEA has five (5) Incubators which are; Leather Industries Incubator in Gaborone, Kutla Incubation Centre in Gaborone, Francistown Industrial Business Incubator (FIBI) in Francistown, the Glen Valley Horticulture Incubator in Glen Valley and the Pilane Multi-purpose Incubator in Pilane.

What is business incubation?

Business incubation is the nurturing of small and newly established businesses so that they grow to become independent and self-sustaining. It is necessary to provide a sheltered and protective environment so that businesses have the best chance of survival during the most difficult and trying times after start-up. This environment includes rented office and workshop space at subsidized rates, business coaching and mentoring services and technology advisory services provided in conjunction with our collaborators.

Is 'innovation' really necessary, what are its advantages?

In today's competitive world innovation is crucial for business survival and success. It is the weapon with which local businesses can compete with both regional and international competitors who can easily find their way into the domestic markets. It is also the only way to compete in foreign markets, where issues of quality and cost are driven by innovative application of science and technology into all aspects of business operations and processes.

What about Innovation? What is it and what can LEA do to Help SMMEs?

Innovation is the ability to create new solutions that will increase the effectiveness, profitability and competitiveness of the business venture. Innovation includes the application of technology to improve business processes, products and services, to enhance productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness. LEA uses its Technology Advisors and Technology Specialists to sow the seeds of innovation amongst our clients and to assist in their innovative.

Am I allowed to register for training scheduled outside my area of stay?


Does LEA assist the entrepreneurs with filling VAT forms?

LEA does not complete VAT forms but it can facilitate this through the provision of training by offering tailor made courses to address these. In addition mentoring services would also be provided which would also address the issues of completing the VAT forms.