Horticulture 40 Project

The development of horticulture sector needs a different approach to reduce reliance on importation of horticulture products.  There exist major limitations in the industry which have retarded the development of the subsector such as inadequate infrastructure, lack of appropriate skills and technology etc.  The Glen Valley Horticulture Incubator was established to address some of the above stated limitations. 

However, a concern was raised during the operationalization of Glen Valley about what will happen to the graduates of the incubator?  It was therefore decided that LEA should start with 40 serious individual horticulture SMMEs and identify serviced land around established dams and water sources along the eastern corridors of Botswana where projects could be promoted. 

In order to improve the success of these projects minimum technology will be specified to enhance production of high value crops.

The Ministry of Agriculture has allocated three pieces of land (2x1ha plots at Dikabeya, 1 x 7.75ha plot at Glen valley) to LEA to allocate to clients who have gone through the incubation programme.