LEA Resource Centers

The effective use of information is key to business success. The difficulty is that the nature of business and the role of information within it are constantly changing. The LEA, through its Resource Centers plays a pivotal role in providing and availing customer oriented SMME information to its clientele and prospective clients.

The Authority aims to achieve the following objectives through its Resource Centers:

  • Avail complete, accurate, relevant, reliable, orderly and timely SMME information to all its clients.In collaboration with the LEA Business Advisors at all the 13 LEA branches, the Resource Center will provide information that will be tailored to the client's needs.
  • To avail state of the art information retrieving mechanism to all its clients.
  • To avail needs driven information to stakeholders.
  • To avail needs driven information management services.
  • Provision of business match making by furbishing contact details of business establishments in selected fields.
  • Provision of market research material.
  • Provision of literature on how to start a new business and reviving existing business.
  • Provision of articles from various SMME journals and newspapers.

Where are LEA Resource Centers Located?

LEA has strategically placed its Resource Centers in all the thirteen (13) LEA branches countrywide to assist all SMMEs with varying information needs.

Who can access to the Resource Centre?

Access to the Resource centre is open to all LEA clients, staff, and prospective entrepreneurs.

What type of services are offered at the LEA Resource Centers?

The LEA Resource Center has a number of services aimed at carrying out the Authority's mandate. These services are available to all LEA clients and prospective entrepreneurs at subsidized and affordable rates. These services include:

  • Internet access
  • Computer usage
  • Printing
  • Binding
  • Faxing both locally and internationally
  • Photocopying
  • Scanning

Furthermore, the LEA Resource Center provides the latest SMME information to all LEA clients and prospective clients through a collection of SMME related books, journals, magazines, pamphlets and many other.

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
Morning: 08:00-12:45
Afternoon: 14:00- 17:00

Additional Services at LEA Resource Centers:

  • State of the art studying and research environment.
  • Reference service to all reading materials.
  • Computer Learning facility.
  • Local business content.

For further information contact us on our toll free number
0800 155 155
Email: botsalea@lea.co.bw

LEA Resource Centers, providing exceptional SMME information resources and services to suit your business needs!