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Accessing the Botswana Horticulture Market


What is Botswana Horticultural Market?

The Botswana Horticultural Market is a commission market where producers deliver their produce to market agents who then sell the produce to buyers. The market makes a 5% non-negotiable commission on the selling of all fresh produce, while the agent earns a negotiable 7.5% commission on the selling price of all fresh produce.

What are the objectives of the market?

The objectives of the market are to help local horticultural producers take advantage of marketing opportunities, improve farm income and facilitate the distribution of produce in domestic markets. A further aim is to procure products not grown locally from neighbouring countries to provide a complete basket of produce for local traders.

How do I get to the market?

The market is located on Magochanyama Road, off the Western By-Pass Road after or before the Block 8 traffic circle when coming or going north.

What will I find if I visit the market?

The market has three large sales halls, each directed by qualified salespersons. Within each sales hall will be a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from.
The market complex also has provision for wholesale and retail outlets for poultry meat, eggs, fish, beef and inputs supply. There is also a cafeteria to provide meals and refreshments.

Who buys from the market?

The market is a commission market whose main clientele is made up of bulk buyers. However, smaller quantities of fruits and vegetables targeting hawkers, vendors and individuals are available.

Does the market encourage small scale producers?
Dealing with the small scale producers is one of the specialities of the market. Small scale producers receive training on how to use the market through the “on the floor market facility” to enable them to utilize the market facility efficiently.

Why should a producer send produce to the market?

The market sells produce on behalf of the producer and ensures quicker payments within 5 days after completion of the consignment. And further, to enable producers to spend most of their valuable time on the farms rather than to be running around trying to sell their produce.

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