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Company: Ocean Bubbles Car Wash and Cleaning Services
Product: Carwash and cleaning services

In the services Sector, the company provides carwash and cleaning services. It is located in Selibe Phikwe and its workforce total... [more...]

LEA Client Kelosika Launches Food Product


• Bonutrix a nutrient-rich food product
• Kelosika attributes success to LEA

The Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) has recorded another success story with the launch of Bonutrix, a Kelosika food product that has been recommended to the elderly, children and those with a weak immune system. Kelosika Pty Limited is a LEA client.

During presentations, which centred on the nutrient rich product it was emphasised that Bonutrix is a supplementary food on the human diet.

Patricia Tomlinson the Kelosika Director attributed to the business’ success to LEA, which has played a vital role in advising the business and giving valuable insights during periods of uncertainty. She spoke of the challenges in penetrating sceptical market.
“We had challenges at first in the market but we have learnt so much from our experiences. In business the idea is to remain focused and keeping the promises you make to consumers,” said Tomlinson.

The product is expected to fight malnutrition and assist people attain the necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. Kelosika is engaging companies such as Medswana and the local councils. Currently Kelosika is undergoing ISO 22000 certification and has the capacity to produce an estimated 10 tons of the product a month.

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