Enrollment Process

A Potential Entrepreneur registering with LEA undergo a process called screening to determine entrepreneurship skills, characteristics and traits as well as competencies that would indicate if he / she can start and run a sustainable growth oriented business.

The screening process provides us with a 'gap analysis' to assess what the entrepreneur actually needs even before starting the business. Once this has been established, LEA is then able to provide business development skills to bridge the gap and to create a more holistic entrepreneur. The application / screening process is clearly detailed out below:

Step 1:
A potential entrepreneur approaches LEA for services.

Step 2:
The entrepreneur's business idea is assessed and discussed with the Business Advisor. Once the entrepreneur's idea falls within the key sectors, and the Business Advisor is fully satisfied with the business idea, the promoter is advised to fill in the application form.

Step 3:
Entrepreneur is given application form to fill. Application form is thereafter checked by the Business Advisor for completeness.

Step 4:
The application form is then screened and scored according to LEA rules and regulations.

Step 5:
To qualify for LEA services, applicants must score 60% and above.

Step 6:
Upon acceptance into the LEA program, a meeting is conducted with the applicant in order to ascertain the current situation with regard to the business idea. Applicants who were unable to meet the minimum requirement of 60% are advised to wait for a period of six months before seeking LEA assistance again.