Research & Development

The Research wing of the Research and Development (R&D) Division conducts original research including feasibility studies and market surveys on the SMME sector which can be used in the LEA's programmes in the targeted niche market. It also collates and analyses data from secondary sources to be utilised on the programmes delivered by the LEA aimed at SMME development and promotion. The research is confined to the Manufacturing, Services, Tourism and Agriculture Sectors. Maintains and create networks with other SMME related Research Institutions.

Horticulture Study

The study was conceived against the background of a lack of market research information on the horticulture sub-sector in Botswana in relation to: annual production; what is being produced and where; markets for such produce; penetration of local produce in the local market against imports; size of firms; where they source their raw materials, the general players in the market and, challenges they face. The study also intends to identify and document existing players in the horticulture industry. Horticulture farmers and traders were surveyed.

LEA Customer Satisfaction Study

The study conducted through three surveys, being; Internal, External and Contact Centre Customer Satisfaction surveys aims to assist LEA to build a client focused service delivery environment that will benefit clients and further bring about the much desired competitiveness of the Botswana SMMEs on the global market place.